Recent recap!

The past month and a half have flown! Here are some recent updates:

Emberly turned 3 months old. I can't wait to get all her monthly pictures together!
 This face makes me laugh harder the more I see it!
Daddy took Luke to his first movie! They saw Planes together and had the whole theater to themselves!
 The boy loves his sweets!
Here's the house we're under contract on! The inspection went well and our fingers are crossed that all the paperwork goes through despite the government shutdown. 
Such a pretty girl. She's wearing the dress Mrs. Madeline made me. She has her own dress made by Mrs. Madeline that will fit her this spring.
My prison guard all ready for his first day in uniform! He passed his test last week and we now have a shift schedule until December! It's so nice to know what the next few months look like!
That sweet face is almost too much to take. I just want to gobble her.

Little man hardly ever just falls asleep. I love it when he does though!
Josh was ordering uniforms one night and she fell sound asleep in his lap. It was so sweet. 
Love my little family!

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