Wipes: cloth or disposable?


This is part 3 of the journey we started on Monday.

So what about wipes? Cloth or disposable?

We have cloth wipes and we use cloth wipes about 50% of the time.
I made my own using cut up flannel baby blankets and terrycloth bought by the yard at a fabric store.

When I made them I cut them in 2 sizes:
I really only use cloth wipes when we are home. In my opinion it's easier to use cloth wipes when you cloth diaper. It makes it much easier to roll everything up and throw it all in the wet bag.

When we go out, disposable wipes are easier to grab and go. I do have to think to keep out the wipes and throw them away since it can't go through the washer.

To make cloth wipes work you have to have some sort of wipe solution to spray on the cloth. I use a peri bottle from the hospital. I fill it almost completely full with water, squirt in 3-4 squirts of baby oil and 2-3 drops of baby soap (Johnson's). That's it!
When we're home this is totally second nature to spray the wipe, wipe the mess, and throw the wipe and diaper in the wet bag. I don't like traveling with the peri bottle because I don't want it to spill so that's why I pretty much just use disposables when we're out and about.

Cloth wipes are actually what got me started on cloth. It was my "cloth world" intro. When we couldn't cloth diaper because of daycare we would always use cloth wipes at home. I probably started this when Luke was 6-7 months old.

I NEVER saw myself doing this, so I promise you that if I can do this so can you! It is SOOOOO fulfilling to open the dryer to a new load of clean diapers and wipes and know that you can reuse them all!!

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