Weekly Update: 3/4-3/16

I had this post ready to post last weekend but there was more I wanted to add... then it didn't get added and here we are a week later- yep that pretty much explains how busy we all are!

Last week was the week of the 5th grade writing test; one of the weeks we anticipate ALL year. Let's just say I'm glad it's over. Now we get to look forward to CRCT. I am really proud of my students for how they handled this week. It's always a good test of character when the students and teacher are under an enormous amount of stress!

I have been having terrible round ligament pain. This is something I NEVER felt in my first pregnancy. It got so bad last Wednesday that I couldn't even wait for a call back from the doctor. I could hardly walk myself back from the bathroom. I had to leave school and I went straight to the doctor and just walked in and asked to be seen. I wanted to make sure that what I was feeling WAS in fact RLP and not anything else more serious (appendix, kidney stone, contractions, etc.). They assured me it was all totally normal and gave me a few tips of some things to try. I upped my water intake yesterday from 20ish oz (which I know is horrible), to close to 70oz. That combined with epsom salt baths and just taking it easy (who has time to take it easy with a full time job and a 3 year old?!) I hope will be the Rx to success. I still had 3 episodes of pain today (it lasts from 1.5-3 hours) but it seemed less severe. Instead of feeling like I'm being stabbed and the knife is twisting, it just felt like I was being stabbed- not that I know what it feels like to be stabbed.

I mentioned on fb that Luke was such a sweet boy at school and was helping to clean up his toys when everyone else was running around. I happened to walk in on him doing that (he didn't know I was watching) so there was lots of praise from this momma when we got in the car.

He was playing on his "laptop" last night and it asked him who his best friend is. He said "my mommy's my best friend." My heart puddled.

He amazes us everyday with things that he hears and picks up on. His intelligence and personality are just so amazing! He was riding in the car with Josh the other day and heard the word "April" on the radio. He said March, April, May- all the way to August and then needed a little help to get to December. It's so hysterical to hear things he says that we never knew that he knew!

Last weekend was also D-now at church. We were so crazy busy it was unreal. It was stressful, but good stress. The "make sure I'm here at this time, get Luke at this time, be back here at this time" type stress. The weekend went off without a hitch- and we couldn't have asked for better weather. All in all just a great time.

We had a yard sale this weekend and had a great turn out! I told Josh I'd be happy if we broke $100 (I'd feel the effort was worth it), and we doubled our goal! Always a happy day!

Lulu was up to watch Luke and of course he was one happy little boy. Josh played in the kickball tournament (still waiting to hear how that went!). I know they won their first game but I haven't heard anything since.

I have been project lazy around here lately! Every night this week after Luke went to bed, I followed not far behind. I'm still having RLP and hurting really wipes me out and makes me totally unmotivated to do ANYTHING. I have such a huge list of things that need to get done before this baby gets here, I would love to do some spring cleaning, and I would love to feel on top of the daily chores- but sleep just seems more important right now!

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