Weekly Update: 11/11-11/28

I have slacked on the weekly updates- heck I've slacked on the whole blog here lately. My biggest pregnancy symptom seems to be lack of motivation! But I am back- with lots of fun projects!

Here are some things that have been happening!

On Veteran's Day we headed to Olive Garden in Anderson for a free meal for Josh. We have successfully managed to avoid eating out for the past year (if at all possible with a 2 year old). So I was a little nervous how this would go. The second Luke saw croutons in the salad he was hooked! He ate salad, breadsticks, and spaghetti! 
Luke loves Josh's ears (?!) so I captured this sweet moment of them tickling each other's ears :)
Josh headed to Nicaragua on a mission trip 2 Sundays ago and spent the whole Thanksgiving week there. Luke and I came to Marietta and I have satisfied my shopping craving! I make lists of things I need to pick up while I'm in Atlanta so when I come I try to hit all the stores I love. We went to the Aquarium (more on that here), and spent the week just relaxing. 

This picture is proof that my son can pose properly for pictures. The last 3 school pictures he's taken have turned out horribly because he refused to smile. I love those sweet cheeks!
We picked daddy up at the airport on Black Friday. We went to the part of the terminal where we could watch the planes. 
The funny thing? That's daddy's plane landing!! He texted me 2 seconds later and said they had just touched down. We watched it taxi to the gate and I snapped this sweet picture:
And here's the travel weary team! They had to leave the hotel at 4am that morning. They look pretty great dontcha' think?
My morning sickness has come back with a vengeance. I didn't get sick for 2 weeks and now I've been sick twice in 3 days. SO annoying! Fortunately I had an appointment Tuesday and she hooked me up with dissolvable Zofran- really excited to see how it works. 

Speaking of baby... here was my 12 week picture:
ummm now I'm 15 weeks! Where is this time going? We have our gender ultrasound next Tuesday BUT we are the crazies that aren't finding out! The tech will put the results in an envelope and we will have a friend make cake pops colored to the gender. We won't actually find out until December 23! The funny thing? I seriously could CARE less what the gender is. I would love another little boy... and I would love a little girl. Win win.

We have decorated for Christmas and I'm ready for December! I may not say that a week from now but I am excited about this season!

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