October & new goals

So I failed this month with a big, fat F. October just got away from me. Other projects took longer than expected. And literally 3 week nights are usually filled doing something (Bible study, church, tailgate/game, etc).

In the spirit of keepin' it real here is my embarrassing list of things I didn't do:
1. Make Christmas stockings. The sad thing? This has been on my list since summer. Think it'll get done before Christmas? unlikely. Ever? unlikely.
2. Finish ORBing the doorknobs. I got off to a great start and finished the hall bath door. And then I stopped. Still have 2 hall closet doors, the master door, and the nursery door. <-- notice I'm calling it the nursery?? eek!!
3.Organize paint. Fail. I bought the labels. And that's all. It'll be a great post when it actually happens!
4. Finish laundry room. I must admit that I got further in this than I originally thought. We got the shelves painted and bins labeled, and I got a mirror painted. Now it's just waiting for the canvases to get painted before I do a post.
5. 365 Update- done. There is no way I can catch up at this point, so it's become a weekly dump with various pictures from the week. Some weeks have 1 picture and others have 10. Check it out. 

So for November I would love to finish the above, and :
1. Decorate for Christmas (also I want to do an advent tree with Luke with all the all the names of the Lord- so I am getting that together).
2.Work in Josh's office getting his collage wall set up and other stuff on the blank walls.

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