Laundry Room Curtain

Our laundry room is slowly but surely coming along... Here is a sneak peek at our curtain. I'll explain how I did it in this post...
I started with the intention of making a faux Roman shade. Womp womp. It was a major fail. I even got to the point of sewing and it just didn't look right. Since I share the good and the bad... here's the bad. 
That was the stage right before I sewed it together (and I couldn't find a picture of the sewed together version). It still gives the basic reason why I hated it. See how the sun shows through some places and it's dark in others? It was really annoying. And I immediately pulled it down and re-started. 

So back to square 1 it was... I started with an old mini-blind.
I cut all the strings so that just the the metal top part remained. This mini-blind came from the laundry room, so I knew the hardware was still mounted in the window. 

Next I hemmed the edges of the fabric on 3 sides. 
The one edge that I left unhemmed I rolled and hot glued around the top of the mini-blind attachment. 
Once the hot glue dried I mounted it back up in the window. This part is now hidden by the fabric. 
I didn't get a picture of fastening the ribbon but it was pretty self explanatory. I just sorta went with it. I cut the ribbon to length, hot glued it where I liked it, and matched the 2nd to the first. Here is the finished product again.
Even after the Roman shade disaster, it still ended up taking just about an hour. I am LOVING that I wasn't afraid to try something, and when I didn't like it I tried again! Such a great reminder that somethings just take time! BTW the fabric came from Hobby Lobby.

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