Our tree

I love putting up the Christmas tree. If it were up to me, we would begin decorating the 2nd week of November... but I'm not sure a live tree would last until the first week of January!

What I love most about our tree is how special the ornaments are to us! I am one of those people who could care less about "how it looks". I care more about the meaning behind what's up there. Of course sometimes I do color code and only choose the special  ornaments that match well... but this year I tried to  be very strategic about putting "meaning" ornaments up.

Of course I bought decomesh at the end of last season. I went a little wild thinking I would be in a green mood- so I have a whole roll of lime green that I didn't open this year... ahh maybe next. I used red/white last year, and this year I just felt like sparkly white. The white goes perfectly with our bow topper (that of course has meaning because it was the bow that topped our tree at the wedding).

Yes our tree is in front of our front door... We have a pretty small living room with Thomas the train taking up most of it. (see here for how small our living room really is). We have had the tree in different places, but this is the most "out of the way" place for it to be nestled. Bonus? Our front door has alot of glass, so the tree is sparkly from the outside! PS if you come to our house, you clearly can't use the front door ;)
Here is a peek at some of the ornaments that went up this year.

This morning Jingle the Elf came and paid a visit. Santa (Josh) got Luke an ornament commemorating this introduction of Jingle. Of course by the time it got on the tree it had been dropped twice and it broke in 3 pieces. Thank goodness for super glue.
From 2006, our engagement ornament since he proposed on December 10th:
We have "our first Christmas" ornament from 2007 (we were married December 15th):
And an ornament from the Biltmore Estate since that's where we honeymooned:
And a fireplace "our first home" ornament from 2008- which is funny because our house doesn't have a fireplace....

and from 2009 baby's first Christmas:
Of course I love some pretty tree pictures so here goes:
The bottom third of the tree is all unfragile, unbreakable ornaments. 
And here's one of my favorites! One handpainted by little man:
So here begins our crazy month of celebrating an anniversary, birthday, and Christmas all in 10 days! I love it!

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