Last year Josh and I won tickets to the GA Aquarium. Come to think about it, I've never paid to go to the Aquarium! I went right after they opened because my mom's company rented the place out for the night. Then I went to a bullying conference with school (it was in one of the ballrooms). I was totally mesmerized by the beluga whales the whole time! It was at the bullying conference that we won 4 tickets to go back! Then last spring we took our 5th graders there. We decided we would save our tickets for when Luke was old enough to appreciate it. Unfortunately Josh missed this (being in Nicaragua) but we still have 1 ticket left over that we'll probably use next summer.

Just a warning- this will be a post filled with lots of pictures! Feel free to just skip it- I'm sure Josh (who can hopefully read this once he gets back to the hotel/wifi) and other family will appreciate a million pictures of Luke :)
This was the display as soon as we walked in. He was absolutely enthralled!!

This was his favorite attraction. Although he couldn't reach the sting-rays, he loved splashing in the water.
and sweet little feet that don't reach!

This is my favorite guy in the aquarium... except for the belugas of course!

And here are my faves! These guys are just the best!

and again... because I really would take one home!

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  1. I hate I am just now looking at this, but it keeps getting lost in my mail. I can't wait for the next time we go and enjoy with the family. Looks like it was a great time! Love you Sweetheart!