Weekly Update: 8/20-8/24

I can't believe this week is over. It went so quickly, and it was a really enjoyable week with my new class!

We snuck in a visit with baby Harper on Tuesday. Oh my that 2.5 week old is adorable. He slept in my arms for nearly 2 hours... how I miss those days!

Luke is doing so well in school. His teachers say his behavior is good, and he comes home so excited every day. I wish I had half of his energy!

He is coming home from school telling me that he wants to watch "Batman" which I think it hilarious because we have never even talked about Batman at home! It shows how much they really do pick up a school and it urges us how carefully we have to watch what he is learning!

At the tail end of last week we thought he was getting a cold, but he must have seasonal allergies. His poor little eyes were swollen and he was super congested and whiny. Thankfully Benedryl came to our rescue and he has been fine ever since!

He has made tremendous improvements with going to bed this week! He had been freaking out when we put him to bed (crying, fussing) but he asked if we would leave the door cracked. Sure enough he now goes down without a peep! So glad to figure out what was freaking him out!

We had the siding replaced on two sides of our house this week. I'll do a post about it soon. There were several factors that came into our decision to just do two sides, so I'll share that then. Now raw wood paneling + tropical storm Isaac coming= getting paint up pretty quickly! (like I called my mom at 7am this morning begging her to come keep Luke this weekend so we can get finished!)

We also had a catastrophe with something I blogged about last week. More on that later!

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