Coat Rack

When I shared about the progress of Luke's room, I gave a sneak peek to his new coat rack. Before this we just used ON Command hooks stuck on the wall behind his door. It worked ok, but you could really only hang 1 coat per hook before they started falling off. 

Here were a few inspiration pictures:
So mounting multiple pieces of wood without so much as a visible nail hole seemed like a lofty idea to me. When looking at the inspiration picture I just couldn't figure out how they did it- unless they glued the whole thing to the wall or there are nail/screw holes you can't see. 

I wanted the chunky layered look in the inspiration picture, so I started by painting a white box on the wall. I made sure to use froggy tape since it's like the best painting tape ever invented. I didn't really put much thought into this- but I did measure the board I was eventually going to use and I added like 3 inches on either side. I made sure it was level too... 'cause if it wasn't level it would look wonky. 
Next I got to work getting the knobs onto the wood. No pictures of this step, but it was pretty self-explanatory. Figure out where you want the knobs, mark it with a pencil, and drill a pilot hole a little smaller than the screw your using. I found these knobs at Hobby Lobby and of course they were 50% off! The only one that gave me a major headache was the red striped one. Nope it's not screwed in... good old super glue did the trick. Somehow I managed to get the screw lost (!?) in the wood and then the head of the screw stripped... so I was up a creek without a paddle. So far it is holding great! The rest of the knobs came with washers and nuts, but because the hole was a teensy bit smaller than the knob screws, the washers weren't needed. 
After I mounted all the knobs on the wood, I nailed the board to the wall. I wanted it to look really rustic so I chose some really rustic looking nails (those suckers were like 5 inches long!). 

Hanging the hoodie with a hanger is just for the prettyness factor. I won't be hanging his jackets all winter by a hanger. But I thought it looked nice for the time being!

I was really shocked at how easy this whole project was and how little it cost! The knobs were right around $2 each and I already had the paint, nails, tape, and drill/bits on hand!

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