It's about time

I set some goals for this month and re-cap some old ones before it's really too late. This post will be a whole lotta boring and a whole lotta clicky linkys, but for my mental sanity it needs to be documented!

So let's start with July's goals that I never wrapped up... here's the post. Here is the list:
-Organize and put together our family cookbook.
-Fix Mr. Sock Monkey
-Make another hooded towel
-Organize car documents
-Embroidering project (4 shirts!)

I actually didn't do too shabby! Our family cookbook got finished. Mr. Sock Monkey is all fixed up (see him sitting pretty here).

 I organized the car documents and they now reside nicely in both our cars and I worked on a few embroidering projects (tutu and onesie and a few shirts).

I didn't get to the hooded towel and I am still majorly procrastinating on one of the shirts. My co-worker is so gracious to be so nice about the procrastinating "illness". (I've had these shirts since June- yep I must be really ill). 

Other things I got to in July:
Kitchen Week: pantry, freezer, and cabinets
Made some DIY cleaners
Organized a mess at the Church craft closet
Updated 365
Used some spray paint for a planter change-up 
Gulfport wrap up along with some Treasure Hunting
Talked about how thankful I am to be at this point in our lives
and created some art!

So there's JULY!

Onto some things I needed to finish from June...
I had pretty much failed in my attempts at being successful. I have since gone back and finished most of those goals!
1. Dry goods are organized and they are actually now labeled! (post coming later!). 
2. ringtones- I have downloaded songs, now I just need to plug my phone into my computer and finish it!
3. Making liquid hand soap was one of the things done in June. 
4. Work in Luke's room 
5. blogroll and categories- Finished that in June too. 

Wahoo!! I'm feeling the accomplishment!

And now for the Summer Goals!! yikkkeees.... where did this summer go y'all??? Seriously!
1. Make a pantry. 
Inspiration photo:
Our after photo:
2. Make liquid hand soap (I told you this was a whole lotta repetition!)
3. Make Christmas Stockings. And this is where my awesome streak ends... I have chosen the fabric... and I have the layout of how I want them to look- but I haven't touched the scissors to start this yet. Maybe when I make the hooded towel and my machine is in sewing mode, not embroidery mode!

4. Dry goods storage (and more repetition- sorry). 
5. Finish Luke's room- can we say 95% done?? 
Here's a list of what still needs to be done... but I am feeling great about this space!

6. Go somewhere I've never been. I really wanted to go to the National Park in Arkansas where you can look for diamonds. We didn't make it to Arkansas this summer, and we ended up in Gulfport instead. This still fits in this goal because I have never been to Gulfport before!!

7. See a Stone Mountain Laser Show- sadly this didn't happen. I think Luke might have freaked out a little, so maybe next year??

So what are my August goals??
Not.a.thing. I'm just going to blog about whatever my heart desires. Since this month is almost half over and I'm busy setting up my classroom I don't want to hold myself to anything. I want to wrap up things I've started, and start fresh with new goals in September! 

Although I'm sad that summer is over, I am secretly glad to be back into a routine. Luke just does better with a routine, and I feel like things around the house get done better when I'm working- crazy but true! We are so ready for cooler weather and to wish this record setting summer good-bye! 

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