1 year!

I've been officially blogging for a year this month! What a year it has been. I have SO loved keeping up with this thing and looking back at what was accomplished. I am such a list maker and I love tackling projects, and this is a way that I can remember all the hard work! So to celebrate I want to look at numbers. I love numbers, and they put everything into perspective!

If you remember back in January I moved the blog from wordpress to blogger. So these numbers are the 2 sites combined dating back to last August. 

Posts: 157  
Comments: 76
Pageviews: 5,993
Most Popular Post: homemade laundry soap!
People have read the blog from Russia, Turkey, Germany, the UK, South Korea, Denmark, the Bahamas, Canada, France, and of course the US. That's incredible!! I don't even know anyone in Denmark or Russia!

I love my humble little blog. I love recording things without any pressure. And I LOVE that y'all read it. So thanks for that! 

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