Labels for dry goods

All of our dry goods finally have labels! Since re-organizing all our cabinets and buying containers to hold everything, it has been super frustrating remembering what was in each container!
I was trying to figure out if I wanted to vinyl/label everything, or if I wanted to use chalkboard vinyl to label it. There were pros and cons to each. Pros? The labels can easily be changed to whatever the contents of the box. Cons? The labels can easily be changed ;) Like if you run your finger over the label it'll erase. BUT I would much rather deal with that frustration than have to peel/transfer all the vinyl over. The chalkboard vinyl was so thick I didn't even have to use transfer paper. It just came off like a sticker.

I keep my piece of chalk in the corner of a cabinet so it is easily reachable. I have since put the chalk in a baby food jar just to contain it a little more!
What a simple fix that was!! Love me some chalkboard vinyl!

EDIT: I've done a recent post showing how our labels are holding up! Check it out here.

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