Out with the boob... in with the new

I have a few posts ready with Luke's "new " room! We have been busy little bees working away these past few months. Don't think my blog silence equals laziness. Typically if I'm not typing, I'm working on something. 

We were ready to switch out the light in Luke's room. I can't get over how many boob lights are in this house. It's like they were giving them away free when they built our house. And my association with these lights just kills me. I'm not sure where I first heard this term. But one look and you'll see that I in fact am not being crude and immature. I.just.can't.get.past.it.
Total count for the house? Nine. Eleven if you count the ceiling fans in the living room and our bedroom. They look the same except with a fan on top. I just about died when I saw our chandelier. 
Yeah. I really wanna switch it out.

Anyways... Not only are these lights terrible aesthetically, but they do not give off enough light. The glass is cloudy and it emits ZERO light. I seriously feel blind in any room I am in with them. While we waited to swap out Luke's light we actually took the globe off to shed more light into the room. Emmie's is still off in her room {the room that MIGHT be finished when she moves out for college}. 

I knew we wanted a ceiling fan in there. We're in the deep south y'all. And we're cheap. I can assure you our thermostat isn't set to 72 degrees all summer. When we had an energy audit done at our old house the guy said leaving fans on and doors open cools a house more than you think. So that's what we do. And we saw the results in energy savings. 

I mentioned we're cheap right? I really wanted to find a second hand fan. I just love the idea of recycling. Saving something perfectly functional before it ends up at the dump. Since moving to a new area we were sure to join all the local online Facebook yardsales. I was wanting a white fan in there and one day one popped up for $15. New they run minimum $60. I told Josh and he immediately contacted the guy. When Josh met him to get it he discounted it to $10 since it was missing a few pieces. In my terms- that meant we bought a piece of crap. Josh assured me it was NBD. 

We brought that sucker home and spent half a day trying to figure out what pieces we needed. We grabbed the spare pieces from Lowes and started piecing it together. The fan part worked flawlessly but it took a while to get the lights to work. 

Some sweat labor and a FaceTime call between him at the fan and me at the breaker box and he had it working!

The icing on the cake? These cute little pulls from Lowes. I think I squealed in the store. What better way to keep it straight which is which. And they look absolutely darling in a kids room! 
Another thing I love about this house is the separate switches for the lights/fans. In both kids rooms the second switch didn't control anything. So he wired the light to turn on with the first switch and the fan to turn on with the second. And he gave me the choice which I wanted first. Bonus points! The fan is ALWAYS running and we try to use natural light as much as possible!
Thrilled with this upgrade. It took a little more sweat than the typical install but it was worth the savings. After buying parts and the cute pulls the total was less than $25 for the whole thing! A penny saved it a penny earned right?!


  1. Haha. I am so glad I am not the only one that can't stand these light fixtures. I havehave always said they look like a boob. Haha the replacement loois great.

  2. I know right? They are out of control. Thanks!!