High Five for Friday!

I didn't post an update last week simply because I had posted lots of updates the last few weeks with very little blog content. I'm back at it and have several posts ready to go! Hooray summer!

1. We have been busy at the pool! I can officially say that Luke can swim. He has worked so hard the past  2-ish weeks and I couldn't be prouder! I really didn't think this would be his summer to swim. He had a lot of fear of the water when we first got in when the pool opened, but by watching his friends and wearing goggles that cover his nose (a MUST HAVE) he has just taken off! How did we teach him to swim? He had formal lessons for 2 weeks over the past 2 years (not much). But they advised me to not use arm floaties (not that they're bad- but they give a false sense of security and lengthen the process). Oh how I was SO TEMPTED to use them when I saw other kids jumping in the deep end this year but we resisted. He did have a little dolphin float that he would "ride" while kicking. But one day he started going under and holding his breath. Then one day a neighborhood friend let Luke borrow his goggles and Luke told me he wanted to swim to me! So I went out a few steps and he did it! We would get farther and farther from the edge. He can now pretty much swim from the center of the pool to the outside! I do still stand next to him and touch his side so he knows I'm there but he rarely ever grabs me. I couldn't be prouder of how hard he has worked!

2. Em developed a case of Cellulitis (not to be confused with cellulite) from her MMR vaccine. She has been PITIFUL and I am ready for this all to be behind us! Basically staph infection (most likely not MERSA) entered her skin at the injection site and caused a lot of swelling, pain, fever and cold-like symptoms. 12 days out she still had a fever and the injection site was raised and red with a rash, and hot to the touch. Poor baby. A little antibiotics and a lot of sleep later and she is on the mend. And yes I am still very PRO-Vax. :)
3. We had pictures taken with the lovely Suni Cawthon! Can't WAIT to get them and get the blog updated with current photos. Don't judge me that my baby is a year old and she hasn't made the blog side bar yet ;) Overall the kids did GREAT. I was so proud of Luke for going with the flow. For not feeling 100% Em did fabulous!

4. Last night we all watched a thunderstorm roll in. It was BEAUTIFUL! We were right on the edge of the storm clouds and they were churning and rolling and it was just perfect. Luke was a little freaked so he went inside, but it was just perfect. I LOVE storms!
5. It's my mom's birthday today so we'll most likely do something for dinner. Love that lady and thankful for another year with her!!

6. And a number 6 this week just because life is so exciting! I have relaunched my Etsy shop! I love Facebook and there are certain thing Facbeook allows you to do that Etsy doesn't, but Facebook is totally in control about how many people/who sees a page. Some posts I'll get close to 200 views and another I'll have 2. It's very frustrating. I want my "followers" to be able to see my stuff if they like my page ya know?! If they don't want to see it they unlike it! But Facbeook is making it where people who like my page aren't seeing the updates and are pressuring me to buy "ads". And from different forums I'm on where people have tried buying ads they don't see many more views.  I'm still going to keep Facebook going (and prices tend to be less through Facbeook- simply because of Etsy's fees).
My goal is to eventually have 100 listings- 10 per week over the next few weeks! Check it out and pass the word along! I love creating and this is my outlet!

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