Mattress in a box!!

Skeptical? Yeah me too.

Luke very matter of factly told us one day that he no longer needed his Thomas bed. That he was a big boy and he wanted a big bed like us. So as I swallowed the lump in my throat and wiped my misty tears and slowly accepted that he won't be a baby forever, Josh and I decided to follow his lead.
{this was a year ago at our old house}

I dreaded the day we had to get rid of Thomas. I actually thought WE would have to take it away (with a lot of pomp and circumstance surrounding the addition of the BBB-big boy bed).

Although a little sad, I'm happy that he came about this decision on his own. My momma heart knew he was ready to say goodbye. BTW Thomas is still in our garage- perfect condition for sale. Just let me know ;) <--- hey why not right?

We already had a twin sized bed (my childhood bed) in our storage closet. Long story short? We had this bed in our "guest room" before we had kids. Kids (and my embroidery machine came along) so we dismantled it. We actually put Luke in it when the side on his crib didn't work for a toddler bed at 18 months. He slept in it from 18months-2ish years. Then came Thomas. So the bed got dismantled again and we sold the mattress and box spring so we didn't have to store it.

Ok back to the present. We had the headboard and footboard, but needed a mattress and box spring. Have you checked the price of a twin size mattress and box spring lately? Holy cow. Most places sold sets for $300. Yeah, no. This bed will be peed on, puked on, and slept on a lot.

I did a lot of research. We didn't need it to be a certain "firmness" or anything. I checked the Macy's clearance center, big lots, and the local ads for sales. Nothing was coming under $250.

We posted on a local yard sale site that we were looking for a box spring. I would NEVER buy a used mattress- that's just a personal thing. But a used box spring I was okay with. We found one and purchased it for $25.

I found the "mattress in a box" at good old Walmart. I paid $119 and right after we bought it it jumped to $169. Now it's $99. What in the world?!
I was REALLY curious about how it would be delivered. It did explain in the description that it would come in a box, but I was still really stumped. There was free shipping, so I didn't ask any questions!

A few days later it arrived!
The directions were pretty straightforward. This came when Josh was away. See the "team lift" part? Yeah. I didn't have my team- so I pushed this baby up our staircase (3 turns total). I opened the box and it was in a vacuumed sealed bag. The directions instructed to unroll it and then puncture the bag. It kinda unrolled itself. You are supposed to open it within 24 hours of receiving. One of the reviews said that someone else's opened on its own before they got it in the house. Haha. I could totally picture that happening to me and having a huge mattress I couldn't lift in our foyer. ;)

As soon as I punctured the bag (like the directions said) it puffed up to the size of a normal mattress! I was very impressed. I laid it on Luke's floor and of course this was like the best day of his life.
We let it puff overnight and then he slept on it on the floor until daddy got home to set up his bed.

Overall I really like the quality. Although it is a coil bed the mattress part that you lay on feels more like foam. But not like a cheap mattress topper. It's thick and I have never felt any coils. Also there may have been an accident or 2 already, but again it has been super easy to clean with no odor left behind. It doesn't even stain!

So mattress in a box gets two big thumbs up from me. Long term? This will be Emmie's bed. I plan to paint it white and pass it down and when she outgrows her crib Luke will get it (headboard and footboard) and upgrade to a full/queen mattress. Emmie will get this old bed and this twin mattress. Luke just lucks out and gets all the new stuff ;) #firstbornprobs

For $145 we got an almost completely new mattress set! And assuming the price stays low (and this baby holds up) we'll be purchasing his full/queen this way as well. Love the ease of free shipping to the house!

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