Luke's Room and the ACCENT Wall

I've mentioned before that when we moved in to this house I wanted as little change as possible for the little man. He had a lot of change in 2013. He gained a little sister, stopped going to his school, we left our church (and his buddies there), moved away from friends, moved in with my parents, started a new school, made new friends at a new church, and the new house. So I wanted the new house move to be as seamless as possible. 

Luke went in every house with us that we walked through. He was very eager to choose "his room" in each of the houses. His only request about this room was that it had blue walls.
He actually made my life really easy since this is the only color room he's ever known. We've carried the red, white, and blue theme since his crib days:
I STILL love that crib set. It was a gift from my old co-workers and I just can't part with it. Maybe Emmie or Luke will have a boy and I will use it again one day...

The red/white/blue works for us. We love it and know that there's meaning behind it since Josh fought so hard for those colors. We will always be proud to be Americans!

Since Luke insisted... we covered all that tan. Home Depot was literally our first stop after the closing papers were signed! I wanted to get it painted before our moving truck arrived. And that proved to be a very wise move since Emmie's room STILL isn't painted. Sigh. 
After the blue- before the accent wall. I mean let's be real. He's 4. #nojudging

(I have a post coming later this week with details about the license plate wall)

So what did we do?
1. Painted 3 walls and the ceiling "Serene Sky" blue (the same color as our playroom ceiling).
2. Painted the accent wall the same color as the trim (antique white).

First of all- I was shocked when I walked in this house and every ceiling was painted the same color as the walls. And actually I like it! We have 9 foot ceiling on both the first and second floors. The same color on the ceiling makes it feel forever high.

So I followed suit. I knew his room was going to be blue with a white accent wall. I thought the accent wall and ceiling being the same color would look weird. So I went with the blue. No regrets.

Next is this antique white... if I'm being honest it's not my first choice. I'm more of a crisp white girl. Notice that his comforter is crisp white, and the accent wall is more of an off/antique white. Since every last baseboard, moulding, and door is painted this antique color I'm much more willing to embrace it than change it. Heck I barely finished all the trim in our old house and this is 800 more square feet! So I caved and painted the accent wall antique white. I found the color in the garage and it's an exact match (leftover from the painters).

We lived with the blue room and 1 tan wall for about 5 months. One day it just annoyed me enough to change it. So I grabbed the bucket of paint, and a brush and went at it.

Eventually I would like to "panel" this wall. Eye candy here:

On to the rest of the room.

We moved the futon from the basement to here. We figure when we have guests we'll turn his room over to them. You can sleep 3 plus the floor. Also the guests would have their own bathroom.

This little man has the most amazing closet. Oh to have that space! We are planning to put hooks along the left wall and label them with the days of the week so I can choose and hang up his clothes a few days at a time. Right now I just throw them in a pile on the floor but I thought the hooks would be a nice touch.
We would eventually like to rework this closet, but for now it works. I mentioned here that Luke's bed will eventually be Emmies. This dresser will be hers too to make the set. So this will be tweaked down the road. 
This is a well loved and very played in room. I love every last detail and how it all came together!

I shared earlier this week about how we swapped out his light too!
Once his closet is finished and we do the final furniture switcheroo a few years down the road this room will officially be done! I love it and I can't wait to tackle the princess' room next!

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