High Five for Friday!

1. WHERE did this week go? I feel like I say that every week, but we just live such an odd schedule/life that it's always either becoming a weekend or ending a weekend, so I feel like I'm always goinggggggg! Josh is off Tuesday/Wednesday for now so while everyone is gearing up for the week (Monday)- that's my Friday. And when he goes back to work Thursday everyone is getting ready for the weekend (which is really my "mid week". It's crazy and a total brain teaser!

2. We repainted and furnished our deck this week! It was a blast (well Josh did the painting so I'll let him have the last word about that). Can't wait to share details!
3. My son brought me 18 flowers to my bedside one morning after he took the dog out with daddy. "EIGHTEEN to be exact, mom!" 

And my daughter learned how to make a duck face way too early!

4. We had our master closet redone by California Closets. It was one of the best home improvement decisions we've ever made! I'll have a post with the details later!

5. Luke is getting to the point where he LOVES games. Candyland was his choice this week. I totally dominated (but we're trying to teach him how to win with humility- so I had to tone down my excitement). We're really competitive.

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