You are my sunshine: Guess who's ONE!

We celebrated sweet girl's birthday this past weekend! We've about half a month early, but with Mother's Day and graduations, we wanted to be sure that people's calendars were free. I have sung "You Are My Sunshine" to both kids to calm them down in the middle of the night, and it just seemed fitting for a first year party theme. 

Many of our friends came LONG distances to celebrate! Since we don't have much family local we are so thankful for friends!!

Dr. Scott is telling the guys to call him maybe. 

And they are discussing the world's problems. #yesmykidisgangster

At first princess wasn't too sure of the cupcake. 
But then she got the hang of it. 
We got to facetime with far away family so they could be a part too. Over all it was a GREAT day! Thank you to EVERYONE who helped us celebrate. You mean the world to us!

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