And it's Friday again!

High five!

And my last post was a Friday post! This week went really fast. I actually thought we may be bored this week since school is over, but life always proves to never be boring! And I have tons of blog ideas in the hopper, I just need to sit down long enough to finish! Here is a run down of our week:

1. Emmie had her one year checkup! She is perfectly healthy, and in the 90th% + in all her measurements. We grow them big over here!
2. I mentioned it's summer so I anticipate us spending many days at the pool! Also we went to the GA aquarium this week and I'm such a terrible blogger because I didn't capture one picture with my phone! So this will have to do.:

3. More summer fun! Find really neat apps to let Luke try. He loves building and this mega blocks app showed him how to make a tablet holder and a dinosaur. 

4. I've mentioned on facebook that I've begun sewing burial gowns for angel babies who don't make it home from the hospital out of donated wedding dresses. So many times I forget in the busyness of life with 2 perfectly healthy children that there are people hurting. Bad. In my quest to love other this is how I am choosing to show love. And my first wedding dress arrived this week :) With a beautiful hand written card. What a sacred responsibility to care for and hand stitch these dresses!
5. On the lines of sewing I've really beefed up my inventory at Create Pretty. While I can ALWAYS get shirts to fit the needs of my customers, it's rare that I can find less expensive good quality blanks. Check out Create Pretty on facebook to see what all is going on! There's so really cute things, and everything I listed today is less than $20 (shirt/short sets!).

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