Spring Florals...The 90s called:

Soooo I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry. Duggars... meet french chic. Can this even qualify as chic? Those buttons... and puff sleeves. Please excuse my hair- this is called summer pool hair #dontcare.
My mom and I have been massively purging old things. Toys, clothes, etc. Every time I go over to her house she has another box for me to go through. 

I wish I could say that this was an amazing thrift store find that I paid 25cents for. Nope. This was a dress I actually wore. What's worse? I was able to squeeze into it. Why did I attempt such madness?? Because Josh said he wouldn't snap the picture until I did... and I couldn't stop laughing. Oh and just for the record. My mom has a matching one. #sorryIcouldntletyouoffthehook
I ALWAYS have my eye out for fabric that I can use for applique. Most appliques are done with tiny fabric scraps. So as this was in the toss pile (cause let's be honest... I wanted to spare Goodwill the blindness) I suddenly thought how cute it would be as an appliqued monogram.

I mean spring florals ARE in (although I can't really see myself in them). I'm more of a stripe, neutral, classic navy person. But I can appreciate these and how these ladies rock them:
I had also been crushing on this font that I knew would look perfect with the hideous dress fabric:
A little bit of playing with the font and a couple hundred stitches later... I say it turned out pretty darn cute! Really loving those stripes too! Not bad for turning literal trash into a treasure!

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