High Five For Friday!

1. Yesterday was Luke's last day of school preschool (3). I cried. And cried. And when I picked him up I was still crying. Seriously I need to get it together. I really loved his teachers and he grew SO much and learned SO much and really until you are on the other side of the desk you just have no idea how much work teachers put in. I am so thankful for them so the tears were really tears of thanks, and gratefulness. It also doesn't help that we won't be back next year so I savored our last trip to the fish tank.

2. Of course realizing my baby turned ONE didn't help the emotions. I am just SO hung up on the lasts (last bottle of formula, last night time rocking before turning 1). And that's ok. I want to enjoy all those lasts.

3. Yard sale this weekend! My mom's neighborhood is doing a neighborhood wide sale so we're going to try to get rid of some junk. Neither of us have enough stuff for our own sale, so this was perfect. Plus we didn't have to advertise. #winning

4. I am excited about the beach towels and tote bags I added to the shop. They are super cute and will only be there for a limited time! I am really excited about something coming next week geared towards BOYS!! And not just little boys, but bigger boys. I always feel like I'm doing cutesy girl things, so this shows some attention where it's needed in the monogram world!
5.  Meal planning was kicking my butt. I hadn't created a menu in months (I really haven't had one since we've moved) so I finally sat down and made one. I can't believe that one simple act makes me feel so much better! I really thought that being home would force me to be in the kitchen more, but it's made me lazy. I'm happy to have to plan in place, even if it may change.

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