High Five for Friday!

I didn't post last week because I was busy running around getting things together for Emberly's party. But lots of things have happened. Not even sure I can remember them all!

1. Josh bought a car! The Jeep's been his for a year ever since I started driving the van. We decided we'd rather have a small car payment with a car that gets amazing gas mileage and is reliable then pay out in the jeep's gas tank and run the risk of having to fix it. The jeep was 10 years old and only had 86,000 miles on it and it served us well. But you never know. The a/c was unreliable, 3 window motors had been replaced, and the tail lights had never been right after my accident. He bought a 2013 Dodge Dart. It gets 34-35mpg (compared to 17 in the jeep) and has all the bells and whistles he wanted (back up camera, navigation, etc.). They were really trying to push them since they have the 2014 and almost 2015s out on the showroom floor which means we got a great deal on a new car.
Goodbye Jeep... I may have had a tear or two in my eye...

2. I got a new embroidery machine! I was in the middle of an order and it totally died. I actually had the feeling that it has been going for a while (I already researched what I wanted to upgrade to) and after it broke 4 needles and I did everything I knew to do I gave up. Since it's a sewing/embroidery combo (my old one) the sewing part actually was still working. So I am keeping it to use as a sewing machine while I do embroidery on the new one. I didn't want to sink $100 to fix it, when I could put that $100 toward a new one, ya know? Well the new one purrrrs like a kitten. It is amazing how the technology has changed in just a few years!

3. Luke is almost done with school and I am totally not okay with that. We have LOVED his teachers this year and he has just blossomed at his school. I HATE that we are having to switch preschools AGAIN next year, but the 45 minute drive in the morning is killing us. I figure he'll just be really great at making new friends right? We have also decided on a preschool for next year (much closer to home), so we are so glad to have that decision out of the way and to have his spot secured. And we even got a supply list. Do you know how happy this teacher heart is to get a supply list?!

4. Emberly is growing. And she is in to EVERYTHING. The second I clean something up, she tears it up. It's unreal. And she is becoming herself very quickly. When you tell her "no" she cries this pitiful terrible {fake} cry. She's a drama queen. We've said that since day 1 when she would scream when we drove over speed bumps. But I sure do love that drama queen!! Funny story- Luke and I went to meet the teachers and administrator at his new school and she asked what his sisters name was. He said "Well, her name is Emberly, but sometimes we call her the drama queen." I thought they were going to hit the floor they were laughing so hard. :)

5. And speaking of my new machine I LOVE it. I have been pumping out orders and doing things for the kids that I've been itching to do... like monogram their beach towels!
Not looking forward to this rainy weekend. And I've already been puked on today. Nothing like the fragrance of puke to motivate me to take a shower!

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