Playing in the Play Room

This is quickly becoming my favorite room in the house. It's also probably one of the most finished rooms in the house.
When I asked Luke why he lined all his cars up like this he said "because it's like when we got stuck in traffic and it was snowing and we had to stay at that icky hotel." Yep pretty much sums it up! 

Back when I shared some housekeeping items I had a tentative list of what I wanted to get done in here.
This room is pretty large and I have already gone about creating specific zones like I wanted.

There's a play zone (and mixed in with that a coloring/creating zone):
My mom found the little table at a thrift store (I have big plans for it). I love it because when we have people over it can double as the kid's eating table. The stools are from Ikea and the cubbies are a closet maid system from Target. They are 2 4cubby X 2cubby units stacked. 
{his old room}
You may remember them from Luke's old room. And of course they are anchored to the wall. Luke uses this space for hours every day. 

A reading zone:
This space is super important to me. Luke loves to read and he would seriously be read to all day if I could. He loves his "downstairs" books to sit and look through. I also have plans for the little thrift store rocking chair. We still have some shelves that we used in Luke's old room that we are going to put under "READ" to display some books like this:
{his old room}

A place for music:
I would love for our children to be musical. I know how to play but I'll be completely honest and say I've only played a handful of times since we've had the piano. But it's a goal. And what's more classic looking than a piano?!

And of course cooking!

I love that Emberly has already started playing with his kitchen. Originally we weren't going to put it out in the new house because Luke had stopped playing with it. Then it sat for 5 months in storage and all of a sudden he had a renewed interest in it so we kept it out at his request. Now that it's out and can be used (and not shoved in a corner of his bedroom) it's definitely used!

Things are moving in the right direction since we hung curtains this week!
And looking at that picture I think I put the finials on upside down. I debated back and forth but I think I've officially decided that they look weird that way. :)

So what's officially on the to-do this in here?
1. Label canvas bins. They need to be kid friendly so he knows where to put stuff. Luke is an organizer by nature so this will help encourage that behavior.

2. Paint the coloring table. Something fun. 

3. Paint the walls. Since the whole downstairs is the same color (and was painted just before we moved in) I would love to separate this room from the others. Maybe a darkish gray? Since I want to....

4. Paint the ceiling!! Blue. Light whimsical blue. Like the sky. 

5. Put art above cubbies. Maybe a list of playroom rules? Not sure. 

6. Hang those shelves for book storage. 

7. Paint that rocking chair. Maybe a solid color? Would love to take 1 year photos in it so it may end up being painted to match her party theme. 

8. Chandelier? We keep going back and forth. We talked about moving it into Em's room, but we found a chandy at Ikea for $40 that would do the trick there. We'll just have to see if it gets hot in there in the summer which will help us decide whether or not to put up a fan. 

And some close ups:

We keep our Nativity up all year. Jesus isn't celebrated here ONLY at Christmas.
Quite possibly my favorite quote from a hymn, ever. 
And this is why I love working in here. Because he uses it ALL THE TIME. 
Let's keep it real. Not every corner is clean yet! And it'll be a while before all these corners are cleared!

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