High Freaking Five for Friday (except it's Saturday-whoops)

1. Josh is finally back at work. I say finally because he's been out since the day after Christmas for a "broken arm" that wasn't broken. Just formality and paperwork. He was sent to therapy for his contusion, but therapy said there wasn't anything they could do so the doctor cleared him to go back to HALLELUJAHS from us! It's a little unnerving for him not to be working after what we went though last year.

2. I have no idea how I used to work full time. Between buying a house, moving, switching addresses, dealing with a stolen credit card and having to switch ALL our accounts to a new card, the target data breech, canceling 2 other cards, Josh's arm paperwork, and buying a new van I think I've just about had it with paperwork!! I am constantly having to login to an account that I have forgotten the password for and create a new password that I will most likely forget.  Not to mention the groceries, dinner, side monogramming I'm doing... Phew. It's keeping me busy!

3. Emberly has a tooth! Finally. And she slept 2 nights all the way through this week. Hey, it's something! 2 nights is better than none!

4. We enjoyed free froyo at Menchies this past Thursday in honor of National Fro Yo Day! It was delish.

5. I learned an important lesson this week. When complaining to a company and getting NO WHERE on the phone- turn to social media. Your problem will get fixed. We had an issue with a gas bill from the house we had a contract on back in November. We received October's bill and paid it and then never received another bill until February. It was $145. We had the gas shut off on Nov 26th and one person with the company said it didn't get shut off until January 13th. Another person said that when they went out to check the meter on November 26th it was already off so they... wait for it... MADE UP THE READING and then charged us. Ummmm yeah no. I will pay taxes and whatever we owe for November 1-26 but in NO WAY am I paying for gas that we only used for an inspection and appraisal. Yeah. And after being told by a manager that there was nothing else she could do and we still owed it I was even more heated. I wrote them a not so nice message on their facebook wall and they immediately wrote me a private message apologizing. They called us first thing the next morning to work it out. They ended up dropping all charges (including tax) since it was their error. Although it's annoying that I had to resort to social media I'm glad I did! That's half a car payment!!

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