Am I the only one who had NO IDEA that Claire's sold hairbows? Clearly I'm behind the times. 
We made a trip to the new Outlets in Woodstock. By new I mean they opened in August. Loved them. I popped in Claire's because I always have my eyes out for earrings. Remember these? And I came across a 10 for 10 sale. The catch? You had to buy 10 things... not just 3 for $3 or 8 for $8. It had to be 10 for $10. I immediately found a pair of clip on earrings that I knew I could make for pierced ears (stay tuned). Then I came across these lovely hairbows. Oh my- my baby girl momma heart just about exploded.

And then I flipped them over...
By the time Emberly will be able to clip these suckers in her hair she will be too old for bows. I figured I could fix them by removing the claw clip and adding an alligator clip.

A few pulls of the hot glue holding the clips and I had this.
 And a few dabs of hot glue later- they are perfect for a baby with no hair!
Love these bows and they match so many outfits. Not bad for $1!

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