Love it...

when this happens!!

I pretty much buy all my appliques when they are on sale. They are digital downloads that I can edit in my embroidery program. I try to stock up with the sales and of course that means thinking ahead to whatever holidays are coming up. I can't always predict what my customers will want, so I try to stick to classic "old favorites".

With Easter right around the corner (at least it's right around the corner in embroidery world) I was itching to start on Easter shirts. Here was an easter applique I bought a while ago from Applique Market.
I really liked the pom pom tails, but I figured with Emberly putting everything in her mouth right now that it wasn't really the best choice. So I left them off. 

Turned out pretty cute right?

Like I usually do I was poking around different websites. I like to see what patterns and color combos are being used.  My favorites are Lolly Wolly Doodle and Kelly's Kids. As I was perusing I came across this:
So for around $32 you can have that! Ummm not a price I'm willing to pay, but those pants sure are cute! Love it when I don't even have to be inspired! I saw this long after I finished Emberly's shirt!

By the way, maybe I'm just OCD  but if you zoom in on that picture their sample is photoshopped! The bunnies are photoshopped in which is why the name isn't centered. Expected a little more from such a large company!

But Easter is coming and it's what I've begun working on! Luke's Easter shirt still fits him from last year. I did both of my kid's in long sleeves, but honestly I have no idea what it'll be like here at the end of April. Last year it was chilly (but of course Easter was earlier).

Check out my facebook page "Create Pretty" for ideas, appliques, and font choices. There are also some pretty adorable blanks (from burp clothes and bib to adorable girly ruffle shirts) available!

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