High Five for Friday and a Snowstorm!

This week was quite simply the best. Josh got an unexpected 2 days off (which is unusual with government work) since the roads were horrible. He had training all week so they just cancelled the training and told them to stay home. I know this won't always be the case, there will be many times I'm sure that he gets stuck, but for now I'm thankful.

Instead of the usual 5 points I'm just doing to dump my snowstorm pictures here. Excuse my overabundance of pictures of my kids. I'm kind of obsessed. And contrary to what the pictures show, Emberly really did like the snow. It was nap time so she was pretty cranky toward the end. 

We got much more ice on Wednesday and I was really worried that we weren't going to get any snow...

{Luke and Josh walked to the store to grab some groceries. It was more of an adventure than a necessity} 
but it snowed all Wednesday night into Thursday and we woke up to this beautiful sight. 

Luke proudly exclaimed: "Mom! It looks JUST LIKE our gingerbread house!!"

I was trying to get "the perfect Christmas card" photo but my children weren't cooperating! Surprise. 
This is precious of my sweet boy!
Besides playing, we pretty much just snuggled inside! Josh and Luke baked cookies one night and they were fabulous!
Is it sad that he uses my stand mixer more than me? He's seriously a good baker!