Yay hey it's a pirate party today!

I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that my child is "about to be" 4. Like when did that happen?
We decided to have a pirate party. A dragon party was a close runner up-- but it was going to take a lot of imagination that this momma just didn't have. I gently persuaded him that a Jake Pirate Party was the way to go! Yo ho!
Can I tell you that is an absolute beloved "treasure chest"? It's actually my grandmother's index card holder. She'll be gone ten years next year, and it just seemed fitting to use it for treasure (her handwritten initials and all).

The kids had an absolute blast playing at Catch Air. It was the perfect place to host a party (especially a winter party)!

And Emberly was loved on-- alot.

We also learned that Luke is not a dance party type of guy. He literally melted in to me- with a death grip that wouldn't let go.

Then came the food. Lots of pirate food.

Love catching him when he least expects it- wonder what he was talking about?
and lemme tell you how awkward it was to walk around in sock feet. And to be around a bunch of adults in sock feet. And to take a family picture in...
you guessed it... sock feet. ;)

The kids had a blast and I really think this was the highlight of Luke's life. He kept telling me that it was "the best birthday ever, even though I know it's not my birthday yet but we can pretend it is, k?"His real birthday isn't until next Monday the 16th.
He still wasn't sure about blowing out candles. So we helped did it for him.
It was a perfect way to celebrate an awesome little man!

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