Anyone else feel like that holiday came and went very fast?! Wow.

My parents spent the Saturday- Thanksgiving Day in NYC doing the touristy thing, so I knew that dinner was on me. Their flight was scheduled to land at 5:00pm Thanksgiving Day so I expected them home around 7pm (after they dropped the friends they went with) at their house.

Sounds like they had a great time and I am super jealous about all that they saw. Probably the highlight was seeing them on Fox and Friends last Tuesday morning. They got a glimpse of the parade but said it was really really cold.

Back to the meal... this year we went with Publix. Some of you may have seen my Instagram picture:

Publix gives you and already cooked turkey (that we reheated in the oven) with a couple sides for a really reasonable price! We supplemented with a few sides, but it was the!! Super fast and I didn't spend all day in the kitchen!

One of the best parts? Watching this sweet boy set the table!
I set one place and gave him the materials to do the rest! He waaaaay exceeded my expectations!

Emberly celebrated her first Thanksgiving by giving peas a try! She's been going to bed around 7pm so she didn't get to celebrate much with us.

Dinner was fab and we all enjoyed being together! This has been a long 4 months living together, but it's been fun! Definitely a time we'll remember. 

Afterwards we grabbed a seat on the coach to watch "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving". Such a fun holiday!

We are so thankful for family. This has been a year where it would be really easy to not be thankful with so many circumstances that surround us, but we are thankful! This is a new chapter and there's always something to be thankful for!

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