Christmas Card Out-takes!

This is seriously a decision I just pull my hair out trying to make every year. We didn't have professional family pictures taken this year. I did E's newborn pictures and since this was just such a hectic year and we always have pictures taken in the Fall I was just itching for a change. So we'll most likely do them this Spring, still leaving me empty handed with a Christmas card this year!

I decided to go the Christmas-ey route the second my eyes landed on Luke's pajamas. And I knew Emberly had a pair that would match. Next I had to get the shot. Easier said than done.
Since the time of day wasn't conducive to natural light I had to shoot in manual mode, which proved difficult since I had to bring in the most light possible. More light=more movement blur. Argh!

Either he was moving...
Or she was intrigued by his ears...
Or everyone just went nuts...
Deciding on one was actually pretty easy- choose one where both are looking at the camera and no one is moving. So here is the winner winner chicken dinner:
We mailed them a little late this year since we wanted our new address on them. I had them printed at Sams. As much as I love the cardstock large cards, price won out this year. So glad I don't have to make that decision again until next year!!

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