High Five for Friday the 13th!!

Here we go! It's been a good but long week!

1. We closed on our house today. Did I mention WE CLOSED ON OUR HOUSE TODAY?! Yep you can expect a house tour next week! Closing was totally uneventful just the way we all like it. And it was great meeting the previous owners. They were lovely people!

2. I feel like I'm a running frantically in circles. Between all this house stuff, birthday celebrations, and anniversary dinner I am absolutely exhausted! Fortunately Emberly is giving me 13 hours at night to recover. 

3. Speaking of anniversaries, Josh is working a back to back shift Saturday night to Sunday (our anniversary) so we celebrated last night at our new house! He got permission to get in and had dinner all set up. He blindfolded me and drove (the round about way) to the new house. 

4. Luke had his Christmas program at school yesterday and his program at church will be Sunday. He has a speaking part so fingers crossed that goes well! The cutest thing he's said this year? I asked him where Jesus can live? (I was looking for the "in our hearts" answer) and he said "the little Lord Jesus was sleeping in the hay." He really is listening to these Christmas songs! 

5. Moving truck should be in Toccoa Monday to get our stuff! So ready to get settled before Christmas!! 

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