Merry and Bright

I wanted to break the red and green tradition this year. I love red and green. And I love how the burnt orange/browns from Fall turn into bright reds for Christmas! But I'm also tired of red and green.

Last year I skipped green all together and just went with a red and white tree. I loved it.
This year things were a little more hectic. I've had the idea of a lime green and navy blue tree so at the end of last season I grabbed a few ornaments to make it happen.
We always have a real tree, but this year we just didn't have time. With closing 12 days before Christmas we had to go with what we had. Josh planned an amazingly romantic dinner the night before we closed and our real estate agent had put up a few decorations (including a tree). Being the classies that we are, we asked if we could borrow it for Christmas. Eventually I want to get a really tall artificial one to go in the foyer and then have the real one back here in the living room, but this year we did the best we could. So with a week to go I decorated that baby!
I didn't use any of our sentimental ornaments. I ALWAYS do, but this year, this just worked. I usually do 2 trees, 1 that's themed and the other sentimental. The theme happened to win out simply because they were in the box that I grabbed. Bonus? Blue is Luke's "faybit"color. And alot of the blue ornaments were from our wedding.
And of course we still had our stockings!

It sure was shining on Christmas Eve!

Oh to view Christmas from a four-year-old perspective. How exciting!

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