Josh's Office part 2

We are in the final stages of getting Josh's office completely set! It feels so good to get pictures and meaningful things up on the walls and on shelves.

Here is where we left off. Pillows and chairs were coming along nicely, but NOTHING was on the walls. It worked out perfectly since this little human growing inside of me will soon be on the outside and taking up space in our old office. His/her new nursery contained all the "man stuff" and was able to go to his office at the church. He loves that he gets to sit with all this stuff all day, and I am thrilled that it is out of my house (said in the nicest, sweetest way possible). :)

The reason I wanted a DSLR camera was to be able to take pictures like this and blow them up as I felt necessary! This is Sadie-dog in her unedited brown (many think she's black- but she's really brown) glory! This is another example of a faux canvas from wally!

This picture is hanging between the 2 windows and sits directly over his head everyday. As you look right this is the wall you see. It's the perfect place for his degree and professional learning certificates.
This next wall is directly over the couch. There was a huge blank wall over the couch and this wall is no where near complete. It will be a work in progress as we add more pictures to this wall. I love the Icelandic clock. Pretty cool right?
The wall over his table and chairs holds a hand painted picture from his sister. (Isn't she an amazing artist??). There is also more space for more pictures.
This wall is the same wall as the one above- just toward the right more. It houses some of his military accomplishments and some "boy wolf stuff".
The last wall I had to tackle was the wall over his counter. This again hold more military things as well as a "very appropriate for his job" canvas.
He absolutely loves his new space. And it's amazing how much more homey it feels! 

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