The Laundry Room: Finished and Complete!

I think this room was the fastest room to come together in this house. I thought and thought about this room for a while, so when it came time to actually get to work I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Just for old time's sake, here is what we started with:
Over the course of a few months a few changes took place; the most impacting being the paint color. Dark color plus small room magically made the whole room feel bigger!
The cubbies went from this:
To this:
I never officially did a post about the cubbies but we:
1. put a coat of primer and paint
2. sanded (actually dremeled) the plastic bins so the sides didn't scrape off the paint
3. added the cute labels. The templates came from (freebies of course) and I worked with them in powerpoint and attached them with  clothes pins (fitting right?)

The coat hanger went from raw wood to a gorgeous "sun" yellow-
And I added a mirror (the one from my childhood home/bathroom) and quote above the diaper bag hook. The mirror started out a brassy gold color.
Our key ring holders are custom made with the Silhouette:
and the door/ceiling/trim got a coat of glossy white paint.

The rug came from IKEA (I looked high and low for a creamy yellow rug- one dark enough to not get crazy dirty but one light enough to still pull in the mirror and coat rack). I settled on green because it gorgeously ties in the curtains! At $4.99 I couldn't pass it up (and it vacuums/stays in place perfectly!).
Speaking of curtain... here's her story- and her close up:
There was alot of wasted space over the storage cabinet. This cabinet is GOLD to us since we don't have a utility closet or pantry (or garage). It stores everything from laundry soap to our car washing supplies. I added 3 baskets in the dead space on top to store some extra supplies. They were purchased at and they are the same bins that are in the cubbies mentioned earlier. I bought these in a light brown shade and spray painted them. I challenge ANYONE to use Rustoleum's Painter's touch spray paint. Krylon has nothing on this stuff!! The Rustoleum paint runs around $7 but you seriously get what you pay for! This color is "key lime". I had to order it of amazon. 
The canvas is DIYed. It was an inspiration I shared about here. I sorta wish there was another canvas to make it feel larger (that was Josh's only complaint from the whole room) but it was hanging wonky with the electrical box. Also it's hung with velcro on command strips for easy access into the electrical box. About 2 hours after it was up we blew the breaker and I had to go flip it back on :)
Also is the color on the canvas familiar? 
Yup it's the door color!

And vinegar, DIY fabric softner, and laundry soap are stored on top of the dryer. I picked up the glass bottles and holding container at IKEA. They were out of the wall mounted rods that this is designed to hang on so I will grab those next time I'm there. For now it will sit on the dryer. Of course I dressed it up with my Silhouette!
And this room is DONE! I absolutely love coming home everyday and this room being the first place that welcomes me!

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