This stuff is amazing!! After purchasing our living room rug back in June, and knowing how much traffic it would see- we knew we needed to protect it! I used fabric Scotchgard on our white throw pillows and so far so good as stains go!

So I decided it was time to test out the rug kind! Instead of locking in all the dirt that I knew was already in there I started by vacuuming...
This Dyson amazes me by how much it picks up. It's the easiest thing to clean (brushes/filter) and emptying the canister is effortless!

On to steam cleaning... I did this as we were walking out the door to dinner. 
Once again I am amazed how much this got up! Although quite disgusting the next picture shows just what I mean...
Our rug didn't *look* dirty, and our dog is mostly an indoor dog (and we wipe her paws whenever she comes in). So this is just day in, day out dirt! Gross. 

This is the product we used. It covered our entire area rug, and 2 door mats that we cleaned at the same time. We took the rugs outside and sprayed them/let them dry per the directions on the can! After they dried there was NO SMELL once we brought them in. I am thrilled that spills/stains will bead up with this. The can recommends re-doing this every 6 months which is about as often as I steam clean my rugs!! 

I wasn't paid or perked to write this- just love me a product that works (and I love my house being clean!)!!


  1. Rugs can be quite the dirt magnets. But it seems that you managed to clean your rugs really well. You made it look so easy! There are times though when you have many guests in the house or are expecting someone important to show up. During those situations, it pays to make your rug extra clean! A compliment goes a long way, and first impressions do tend to last.
    Jackelyn Lippard @

    1. Totally agree about first impressions! I am a HUGE fan of scotchgard and now that we've lived with it for a while, I'm even more a fan! I spilled a 2 liter bottle of coke on that rug (after this post) and it all bubbled up and wiped right off! The exact reason we scotchgarded it to begin with! :)