V-day and a weekly update

Valentine's Day was almost the death of me. This holiday just seems pointless to me (kind of like Halloween)... and I prefer to pretend like it doesn't exist. But 5th graders won't be forgetting about it anytime soon, and daycare makes sure that 2 year olds won't forget it either!

I am FINISHED brining my Project 365 over from the Wordpress blog! All pictures are under the correct day! Go here to see it... or you can always click on the picture over there --->

Luke is doing SO WELL potty training!!!!! I really didn't think he'd pick up on it so fast, but he LOVES it and of course loves his rewards (M&Ms). We're only using 1 pull-up at naptime and 1 pull-up at bedtime. I really don't expect him to be fully trained until closer to 3, but he is so proud of his big boy underwear!

We went to PF Changs for our Valentine's dinner (even though I hate the holiday I'll take any excuse to celebrate!). Lulu babysat and we enjoyed a nice night out.

Luke is talking up a storm and his word of choice this week is "mine". Everything is "mine".

Our house is officially on the market. Pictures are taken and it's listed online! We're excited about a change, but nervous about all that moving entails.

Monday is a holiday/off day and we are looking forward to our 3 day weekend!

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