Answered Prayers Board

I believe that part of praying is expecting an answer- either an answer that we are hoping for, or maybe an answer we weren't expecting.

This post is really step 2 as we teach Luke how to pray. Step 1 was creating a prayer jar. We write prayer requests on popsicle sticks and put them in the jar. They can be big requests that will take time (Luke's salvation), or small requests (like healing from a scratch). Things that weigh heavy on our hearts get written down so we can remember each individual request and lift each other up in prayer.
As soon as we created the jar, we knew we needed a place to put answered prayers. Although prayers aren't always answered in our timing, I do believe they are answered. Here is what we made:
It's a saying from pinterest, printed on iron on transfer paper, put on fabric and wrapped around a canvas.

Here are some more detailed pictures of how it all came together.

I found my printable here and opened it in Word. The first print was an accident because I didn't flip it. In for it to turn out right on Iron-on Transfer Paper it HAS to be a mirror image.
I put the image face down on my fabric and ironed it on.
I knew I wanted cup hooks on one end of the canvas to hold my popsicle sticks. I went ahead and made the holes for the cup hooks into the canvas before attaching the fabric, that way they would be 'pre-drilled'. I wanted it to be on a canvas because I knew the size would be right (about 8.5x11). You could also use wood or foam, but this was the perfect size.

Next I used a staple gun to attach my fabric to the canvas.
I wrapped and stapled, wrapped and stapled. Also I added the cup hooks to the bottom. It was a cinch since I already had holes in the canvas and wood.
Almost done! The "His Grace is Sufficient" part didn't come out well, but it looks better in person than in the picture. 

When it came to the popsicle sticks, I just drilled holes the size of the cup hook in them. It was easier to do a few at a time.
and just as a piece of advice... don't do this on the kitchen table...and if you do- put a piece of wood or something under it...
Opps... nothing a little stain won't cover up!

By the way this came from the same website and it prints beautifully too!
Here it is all put together...

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