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When I showed you how I organized my coupons (and cleaned them out at the end of last year), I forgot to mention how I actually go about my shopping trips. Again, I am no expert but this is what works for me after nearly 2 years of couponing and 9 months of "super" couponing.

On weekly or bi-weekly grocery store trips I bring my big binder. I typically have looked through the ad (or on southern savers) and familiarize myself with the sales, but sometimes there are still things I need that aren't on sale (like jalapenos- but they're typically $1.91 and with a $0.50 coupon that doubles to $1.00, $0.91 for jalapenos isn't bad).

My binder is organized by aisle so I go up and down the aisles and compare what's on sale vs. what's not/ what I need vs. what can wait. I try to keep track of how much I'm spending too.

Now when I go to CVS or Rite-aid, my strategy is totally different. I know exactly what I'm getting BEFORE I hit the store, and I never buy anything not on my list (unless it's like 90% off nail polish or something CRAZY like that).

I'll go through the ad as soon as I get it Thursday afternoon. I'll look through it, and then compare what I need to southern savers deals. I'll trim my list down to just things that we need or will use in the next month or so. Once I figure out what we need I'll match the coupons to it. I never buy anything at a drug store without a coupon. Stacking the sale price with a coupon (plus sometimes a store coupon) is how to make the sale work!

Most weeks I only do CVS, but sometimes Rite aid will have a better deal and I'll go there. Or something I need will be on sale at Rite aid that's not at CVS. Once I find all my coupons and clip them, I sort them by store into my accordion file that stays in my purse. That way they're there whenever I can get to the store that week (although most weeks I go Sunday during nap time). Here she sits all the time in my purse:

Here's a quick tour through the accordion file. I used my label maker to label each tab with the stores I shop at.

I keep all my store cards in each file. This has actually saved me multiple times if I don't have my keys with me (if I go with my mom or with Josh and I didn't drive).I keep the CVS red machine coupons in there as well along with whatever ECB's or +up's I have. I keep them in there- that way they don't get mistaken as receipts in my wallet and get lost.

LOVE this accordion file. It really helps when I have multiple trips to different stores and I want to keep my coupons, lists, and anything else separated. I have found that I'll spend more money if I impulse buy in drugstores, so planning out my trips before I go is the key! I feel like keeping things organized this way is a no brainer, but it seriously took me months to figure out what worked best for me. I got so sick of coupons getting stuck in the zipper of my wallet, or I'd forget to use them altogether.

**I'm still working on getting things switched over. It's been a LONG week and I just haven't spent much time on it! I am still keeping up with project 365, but I haven't posted a picture in over a week! Hopefully by the end of the weekend I'll get more done!!!!!!!!!

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