Spice it up!

Old wooden spice racks= perfect nailpolish holders!

I had a mental note to keep my eyes open when I went thrifting to find an old spice rack. I was actually in the middle of writing this post when it hit me that we had one when I was a kid! Mom schmancified her kitchen a few years ago and got a nifty in-the-drawer spice holder, so the old spice rack that I remember was sitting in a corner, waiting to find a home!

As much as I would have loved to paint it a wild color or distress it, sometimes a simple, fresh coat of white will do! I have recently purged ALOT of polish I just don't like to make room for more. Hopefully this will encourage me to find some more pretty colors!! I was going to stick this on the opposite wall, but the rack was bigger than I thought! Plus it inspires me to use some perfume I'm dying to finish!

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