so long January...

…in my opinion the worst month of the year.
I’m having some crazy de-ja-vu/foreshadowing back to here when I said January bums me out. Looking at it from the glass half full approach, summer is a month closer! But needless to say we still got sick (and it pretty much stayed cold). Luke got bronchitis. Spent 5 days on antibiotics and Rx cough medicine. Josh and I got some crazy stomach bug/food poisoning. I ran a fever and spent a night throwing up. He was affected “ah hem” the other way. It was pretty miserable and we are really grateful that his dad just so happened to be in town from Mississippi to make sure we survived (oh yeah- and played/fed/made sure Luke didn’t hurt himself) while we wallowed in our misery.

24 hours later and we were back to ourselves. Our much anticipated 3 day MLK weekend was shot to the wind; but at least we didn’t have to miss work.

So enough negativity and sick talk… how about listing the things that were GREAT and got accomplished!

Here were my goals:
CHECK 1. Make dermatologist appointment. I’m going to see a Dr. in either Gainesville or Athens. It may take a while to get in, but at least it will be on the books. Plus once I actually go I’ll be able to kill 3 birds with 1 stone (and check off #30,31 and 32).

HALF CHECK 2. Make 2 door decorations for winter.
I only ended up making one (I didn’t want the snowman to steal the Valentine decoration/ heart’s spot). But he is pretty darn cute!CHECK 3. Pack up the Christmas stuff- (and make sure it’s organized). Also I plan to make an ornament from the trunk of the tree (as seen here).
The Christmas stuff made it's way into boxes. Not as organized as I wanted, but hey- it’s not out and that’s what counts. Here’s the ornament I made (and I kept the colors the same as the tree theme last year- red and white). I will be adding a cup hook on top so I can hang it from a ribbon:

NOT CHECKED OFF 4. Finish Luke’s Quietbook- I showed you in 365 project that I started it on December 17th. I am planning on having 18+ pages and it will be a mixture of a “colors” book and an activity book using buttons, zippers, and vinyl. Although I’m in no rush to finish it, I would like to get it done.I kind of abandoned this when I got started monogramming again. It is on my list and maybe it’ll get done next month.

CHECK 5. Begin our collage in the Master Bedroom. I painted a canvas for Josh for Christmas that I purposely painted in our bedroom’s color scheme. We have a huge blank wall that I have looked at for almost 4 years and it’s about time something goes up! I can’t promise it’ll get done this month because I want it to be meaningful, but I have 4-5 ideas to get started (fabric covered foam, last name collage). Check out the transformation here.

HALF CHECK 6. Work on Josh’s V-day gift- 52 reasons I love you for 52 weeks of the year. I have my ideas written down, but I want to make it a book. This is a work in progress and it will be done on the big one-four.

CHECK 7. Finish the master bathroom. It is done!! Here is a glimpse back to Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5. (and just in case anyone is wondering- who am I kidding BTW- the amazing disappearing crack from Part 4 of the mirror overhaul is still amazingly and completely gone. Still holding our breath! And I did find a piece of the broken mirror in a candle that was sitting on the sink top, so I know it took a chunk out of it. Actually if Josh hadn’t seen the ginormous crack- I would think I am going crazy and just imagined it all.)

Not too shabby!
I did fine tune and change up some of the numbers on my 101 list- which may confuse earlier posts… oh well.

On top of the things I wanted to accomplish, here are some other things that got done as well.
I marked these off the list:

#20 Do a cleanse or detox for general well-being. Josh and I do this every month. We are signed up through Genesis Pure and we do their cleanse the first week of the month. Happy insides= happy people.

#24. Have personalized labels made (or make my own a la Pinterest). This is done and here is the post.

#28. Find 2 swimsuits that actually fit me and donate/sell the ones that don’t (sold 1 and donating the 2nd- now I just need to find 2!) I now have 2 suits that fit. And I am super pumped with Josh and I’s weight loss. He has lost over 35lbs in just over 2 years. I have lost all my baby weight, plus 8-10lbs. So I’m 35lbs lighter than the day I went into labor- and I’m seeing #’s on the scale I haven’t seen since highschool! I bought the teal suit last year, the navy one this past month at Target. Love that place.

#74. Bathroom floors- replace. (master is done, now on to the hall). The hall bath is DONE and it looks amazing!
Before (move in day):

Besides some goals I had set, and some 101′s I marked off… there was somehow time to share:
Fabric Flowers
Going Green
Monogramming a little

Oh yeah did I mention we’ve been back in school for a month AND we are in the middle of potty training?? These are really the best years of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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