biggest couponing trip ever

**UPDATED! I went back and spent $5 (I think I got shaving cream) and I got the 2nd $10 giftcard… and when I say I spent $5 I didn’t really spend a whole $5. My total came to over $5 but with coupons it was closer to $3! YAY for free $$$
Let me first start by saying that I am not the best couponer in the world, and I’m sure that what I did today could have been done better if I had more time to think about. But considering trips I’ve done before- I really hit the jackpot today! I am a CVS sissy. I’m too scared to spend more than $10 there. I have on a rare occasion spent over $30 (on a spend $30 get x amount of extra care buck rewards), but I rarely spend over $5… and I still do fairly well.
In the month of October I actually had $50 left over in my food/toiletries/everything that goes in or on our body budget- which is RARE. I really think it’s because I’m finally getting to the point where I have a stockpile and I am using things in the stockpile instead of going out and spending money on items at full price. I have been seriously couponing since April and not so seriously couponing for over 2 years and I have NEVER had money left over at the end of the month (and I know it’s legit because I do cash, so no need to keep up with receipts).
So here is what I did at CVS today- yes I spent a good bit OOP (out of pocket), but I did have the roll-over from the month of OCT (this trip was technically out of NOV. budget).
and I only did 2 transactions. From the pictures it might look like I did more, but I took the pictures to break down the categories- not necessarily by transactions.
The deal these past couple of weeks has been spend $30 on select items get a $10 gift card. Our stock was running low on toilet paper and paper towels (well I thought it was, until I went to actually put these away- and we still had 10 rolls of toilet paper from the last trip in May-oops, but I only had 3 rolls of paper towels left).

All in all my total before coupons = over $55. I only spent $35 OOP (that’s $20 I saved just with coupons) and got back almost 2 $10 giftcards- I say almost because I made a slight mistake on the toothbrushes you’ll see in the next few pics. I thought the toothbrushes counted toward this, so my total was actually $5 short to get the 2nd giftcard… but no worries I’ll go back this week, spend $5 and get the remaining $10 giftcard. So in the end I’ll spend $40 OOP (still $20 savings) and get 2 $10 giftcards which in my head/budget is like getting all this for $20!

The Covergirl cosmetics had a GREAT deal. I scanned my card at the magic red card machine and it gave me a coup that said spend $20, get $5 off any face purchase. I used that PLUS 1 -$2.50 off 2 products, 1 -$1.00, and 1 -$1.00 AND the items were BOGO 50% off. So all total for the Covergirl stuff I actually paid $13.50 for all that, which we know in the makeup world is good (when the bronzer alone on a regular day is $9.99).

Next up…ExtraCare Bucks

Razor was $11, cartridges were $17… I had a -$5.00 coupon when I bought both a razor and cartridges, and then I got $5 back in ECB. It was like getting both for $18 which is like the regular price of cartridges (but I got 2 extra cartridges in the razor pack).

Listerine was $3.99, -$2.00 coupon, and $2 ECB back and it was FREE. Toothbrushes I got for $1.25 each- hello Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes! I think I had 2 -$0.75 and I got $1 back for each toothbrush.

Total ECB with my green bag tag included was $10 to apply to my other transaction. My receipt was seriously 5 feet long.

And finally… FREEBIES!

Who doesn’t LOVE free?? I stuck the listerine in here because it was technically free with the ECB. The Dawn I had alot of $1.00 off coups. Some from the P&G mailers, and the hand renewal had a special coupon. Also the shaving cream is $0.99 and I had $1.00 off any Gillette shave cream (no size limit).

And now… really great deals.

Jif and Welch’s was 3 for $5. I had coupons for the Welch’s. Herbal Gel was $2.97 – $1.00. Tuna was 4 for $5 even though I only bought 3. And the gum I went hoarding coupon crazy… oops. I had 3 buy 3 packs of trident gum, save $1.00. So I got 9 packs for $6. Not bad.

All in all I spent around $80 OOP and then I’ll finish that giftcard deal spending $5 more. So $85 plus I got $20 giftcards back= $65 spent today. Not bad at all. I NEVER spend that much at CVS, but considering the razors alone were $18 and the toilet paper plus paper towels was $20, I think I did well!!
Here is little man in his costume :) He had some serious bed head from his nap…

and here he is helping mommy…

and we ended the day with a great finger painting picture!

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