November already?

I seriously can’t believe it’s almost time for turkey. I have been MIA because life has been SOOOO busy! We have Christmas with Josh’s side of the family the Sat-Tues BEFORE Thanksgiving. Which means I have to have all my shopping done… like tomorrow (so I can wrap and double check everything). I have been working like a mad woman trying to get a bunch of loose ends tied up.
Here is my to-do list this month:
1. Finish the bathroom stripes (I know this was a goal for Oct. and I failed miserably- but I am MUCH closer now than I was at the beginning of Oct.) This is what it’ll look like done. I have 2 out of 4 walls done. Very subtle, but I’m in LOVE.
This is the wall that I still have to do:
2. Knock out my sewing orders… I’m sorta cheating on this one because most are done because I spent 4 hours sewing today… BUT I still have about 4 hours worth left to do- and we’re talking serious procrastination people… these are orders I got in AUGUST. I’m usually not that bad, but my customers are so gracious and said whenever you have time… and, well I just haven’t had time! I wanted to get ALL the monogramming done first, then I go back and do the sewing… so today I did all the monogramming… very rough looking, but it looks 10 times better than they did this morning.
3. Begin decorating for Christmas- I hung the wreath today, but I don’t think that counts- We’re doing 2 trees this year (a birthday Mickey Mouse one for Lman, and a real one that is going to be candycane/peppermint theamed.) I always do some sort of theme- one year it was blue/silver, last year we didn’t even have a tree because Lman was learning how to walk. This year I’m feeling the red/white. I bought some red/white decomesh that I am really excited about using! This wreath was my first experience with decomesh and it was so fun!
4. Get my sewing bookshelf under control. WOW it is messy. I have thrown all my fabric that I’ve used in the past 4 months into one bin and it is completely overflowing now. I need to get it organized back into it’s proper place!
5. Finish the patio set- I am in the middle of Oil-Rubbed  (<— hardest word in the English language to make past tense… geesh) Bronzing  it. I have all but 1 chair done, and the big table needs to be finished. I’ve already done 3 big chairs, 2 little chairs, and the little table. It really needs to be done before it gets too freezing cold. Here are the before and after’s from last month.

Here’s a flashback to October’s to do list.
1. His 10 year HS reunion
2. A yard sale
3. Finish my bathroom project (painting glossy stripes on the wall)
4. Do some Christmas planning/sewing/ 2 year party planning. We were blessed to have our anniversary, Lman’s birthday, and Christmas all fall in the 10 days before Christmas… talk about chaos.
5. Hopefully squeeze in some time to go to a pumpkin patch

4 out of 5 isn’t too shabby!

Some posts I have planned (with some sneak peek pictures):

*My canvases came in! I can’t wait to show them off! and the best part is how much they cost!!!
(I can’t really post a pic without completely ruining it)

* The Hallway Facelift… I mean everyone makes a model magic impression of thier dog’s paw right???

*Lman’s birthday invitations

*How we filled in where our pool used to be… and it involves getting dirt from a cemetary on Halloween Eve… oooo spooky. Sadly the story’s not nearly as dangerous as it sounds.

Well I think 630 words for tonight is pleanty! Cheers to getting everything accomplished this month!

**Wanna see how I did? Jump ahead here.

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