Family Pictures

We had family pictures taken by the wonderful Suni C! We absolutely LOVE her work and she did our family portraits this year and last, my maternity pictures and Luke’s newborn pictures. Here’s a flashback:


1 year:

and this year:

This year I really wanted pictures taken at the train station. As a kid, my dad and I took trips by train (to New York and Washington D.C. just for the experience) and I think it’s really unique that there is an Amtrak station in Toccoa- seeing as there’s only 3 stops in GA! (Atlanta, Gainesville, and good ole’ T-Town). Also the station doubles as a military museum and so the station is absolutely beautiful in a timeless/colonial yellow, red, and green. Perfect for fall!
So here are some of the best one’s I could choose- and it was reallllly really hard to choose. Suni can seriously do miracles with the camera!\

and just for the record- we are not brainwashing Luke with the flag. He absolutely LOVES flags. He finds them wherever we go. Maybe doing his nursery in a flag theme up his chances of LOVING flags (and having a daddy that fought for our country doesn’t hurt either!)
but this was totally spur-of-the moment to include the flag in pictures- like while I was unbuckling him out of his seat he spotted the flag in the front seat and threw a tantrum til I let him carry it spur-of-the-moment. And, no I usually don’t just carry a flag around in my car- this boy is absolutely spoiled and LuLu gave in and bought him a flag at Lowe’s a few weekends ago and it was still in my car…sigh
And you may wonder how in the WORLD you get a 22 month old to cooperate for pictures… He had the biggest tantrum of his little life in the bathtub about 30 minutes before pictures, but you would never guess it from pictures! Mini M&Ms were our lifesaver… and seriously… mom’s who claim to never use bribery are totally lying. Notice the little tupperware ‘loot’ in the grass… this was such a sweet moment where they were watching a squirrel.

I am for sure having this
and this...
put on a canvas. I mean I may be a leeeeetle biased, but his eyes make my heart melt.

And it is so rare that Josh and I actually get a GOOD picture taken together- and this totally sums up how I feel about this man. Safe, protected, and warm…

So I feel like I’ve accomplished alot with getting these photos made- 2 canvases out of the deal, and our Christmas card picture!

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