Fall is officially here!

I think it’s safe to say with this cooler weather that it’s officially Fall. LOVE this time of year. It’s so refreshing to have the windows open blowing fresh air in and it’s so nice to know we made it through another summer with our a/c unit. It’s seriously on it’s last leg.

Here are some Fall things that we’ve been doing:
I made this shirt for a great little girl. Idea came from Pinterest and I just recreated it with some fabric/buttons I already had.
I am so into interchangeable canvases for the seasons! I LOVE this because it is all our fingerprints… the big ones are Josh’s, medium are mine, and itty bitties are Luke :) He loved this activity. We signed the back and put the date and it represents our family and how we are NOW! Love it. Also gotta give Pinterest the shout out b/c I found this idea there too. Most of them were used in place of a guestbook at a wedding.

The Thankful Tree. Enough said. I am going to take this a step further when Lman is older we’ll all write what we’re thankful for on each of the circles of paper.
Although I’m taking a small sewing break, I figured I’d show a couple orders I’m finishing up. These 2 are for another sweet little girl. So fun to make little girl shirts!!

We still need to go to a pumpkin patch and get our pumpkins! I think Luke will really enjoy that. I can’t wait to share my bathroom paint project that is coming along alot more slowly than I’d like.

Lman is fighting a cold, but other than a snotty nose and coughing-til-he-vomits, he seems ok. I guess colds go hand in hand with cooler weather.

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