Hooded Towels & some paint talk

I know hooded towels don’t make many people happy- but they really tickle me pink!

Baby towels are pathetic with a toddler. Luke’s head has always been too big for baby hooded towels, and baby towels are ridiculously thin. I went online and looked at tutorials of how to make my own hooded towels. I really wasn’t into buying a bunch of terrycloth and making a towel from scratch. I figured there was a way to make one from a regular adult sized towel. I also talked to a lady at our “Little Dresses for Africa” party and she had made a bunch and clarified everything that I read online. I also had a friend ask if I knew how to make them which put the fire under me to actually learn how!
So here is the finished product. I searched etsy for a design idea. I already had a grey towel (a total embroidery FAIL) that I needed to figure out how to use and I went and bought a matching handtowel. I went with the shark simply because it was cute and the tip of the hood looks like a fin. Also I had some ric-rack and buttons laying around. After a quick tutorial here I slowly made my way through the project. You have to sew the handtowel together end to end and then slowly attach it to the center of the larger towel.

We use this towel ALL THE TIME and I really need to make more because it has held up so well. I hate it when I have to use a regular bath towel for lman because I just LOVE this one so much. Next I have a black one (from an embroidery FAIL again, and I plan to make a lime one- maybe dinosaur).

Well, we can check Josh’s 10 year reunion off the list! We spent the weekend in Mississippi and Alabama visiting family and friends. Jason (Josh’s brother) made a trip up from Gulf Port and we had a really great weekend with him and Josh’s dad. It was great family time and although Luke’s nasty sinus infection reared it’s head again and we ended the weekend with Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease- it was still a great weekend.

Incase anyone is too scared to google HFMD- here is what little man is suffering with- blistery hands. Poor baby.

He actually has a fairly mild case so far because a main symptom of HFMD is blisters in the mouth and so far he doesn’t have any. He was grabbing his throat last night, but it has not affected his eating and drinking, so I’m not too worried. It seems that when it rains it pours.

Other things going on- Josh is quitting his night job so he can spend more time at home. Yes the  $$ was nice, but we don’t need it. It would be nice to pay off some debt faster (it’s how we paid off the deck) but it’ll be even nicer to have him home every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday night! :)

Lot of things happening in such a short amount of time. I am in the middle of a few of my 101 in 1,001 projects. I am half way through spraying our patio set in Oil Rubbed Bronze (ORB) by Rust Oleum.

Why spray paint the patio set you say?? Because of RUST. Hate that stuff. Sorry for the horrible focus… wow

The old finish is on the right, new on the left. It was still wet when I took the picture but the ORB is BEAUTIFUL… really sparkly.
I also started painting the trim in the house. I am going to do this v.e.r.y slowly working one door at a time and one room at a time. As I go I am taking all the door knobs off the doors and the doors off the hinges and painting them both (knobs and hinges ORB. I really just need to finish the bathroom stripes project so I can clean up in there before I make any more messes. But I am a tackle 3 projects at once kind of girl. It’s just how I’ve always been.

This is what all the trim in my house looks like:   Polkas have a place- but not on my walls and doorways!

This post is waaaay longer than I expected it to be, but alot is included! I can’t wait to look back and see all the improvements we’ve made!

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