High Five for Friday!

This was a BUSY week. Probably the busiest we've had in a while. Maybe since we moved.

1. Emberly had her 9 month check up. All is well and she is right on target. Of course they said what a big girl she is (love my chunk of love). We are seriously considering switching pediatricians. I feel like I have switched EVERYTHING in the past year and I hate doing it but we have not at all been impressed. From start to finish (all she had was a checkup and 1 shot) it took 2 hours and 20 minutes. Umm what if I had a sick kid? Or if Josh hadn't been able to keep Luke and I had him there too? That would have been pure torture. I know everywhere isn't perfect and if we were blown away by the doctor it would be worth it to put up with crap, but it's not. 

2. I finally found and went to a chiropractor locally. This is always a daunting task trying to find one you like/makes you feel better. I actually had to go twice this week to get everything in line and make sure it stayed in line. I can't even remember the last time I was adjusted. It may have been before Em was born. Yikes!

3. Luke finally went back to school and I went to community groups at our new church. So ready to be connected again! Looking into preschools for next year. It's a huge decision and although a few have been recommended it's still a big decision!

4. I am in the final stages of prepping things for a consignment sale. It's alot of work to get things together, but so worth it in the end! I just need to get things on hangers and get it all in order.

5. I bought a domain name for the blog! Woot! Did you notice?! ;)  It's something I've wanted to do for a while and since I finally settled on the name of my etsy and facebook shop and it's a name I LOVE I figured it was best to grab the domain name. The new web address is createprettyblog.com and even if you type the old address (astitchincjtime.blogspot.com) it will direct you here. I love that the new name applies to sewing, home diy and decor, and just about everything in between! Fun. 


  1. A wait like that is SO frustrating at the pediatricians office. That is exactly why we said goodbye to Toccoa Clinic a couple years ago. Every.single.visit. was like that - and most of the time I had a tiny baby with me and we'd inevitably end up sitting next to some 10 year old with 103 fever. Ugh. Hope you can find a place you love!!

    1. Thanks Meagan! At this point I'm just ready to feel settled (including a pedi!). Maybe I'll just throw darts at a map and pick the closest one lol!

  2. Long waits at the peds are the WORST. I'm just sitting in the waiting room, watching my kids walk around and gather germs. Can't handle it! Hope you find a good one!

    1. Oh I feel your pain! I start dreading the pedi when they can walk. Ick.