High Five for Friday (finally)!

Wow I somehow missed last week (heck let's be honest I probably didn't even know when it was Friday last week because of how many meds I pumped into my body)! Glad to be out from under that allergy/pollen fog.

1. Josh pulled his back out. Yeah, no bueno. Like he pulled it out so bad that the chiropractor had to adjust a bone in his neck 20 degrees. So he's pretty much spent the last 4 days on the couch or in bed icing his back and neck 20 minutes on and 20 min off.

2. The same week he pulled his back out our dishwasher died. When the chiropractor told him to go home and do NOTHING he said "so that means I shouldn't install a dishwasher?" It's been awesome not having a dishwasher- said no one ever. It pretty much stinks. And the installers haven't called to set up delivery, which means that I will continue washing dishes by hand. Oy. (BTW this picture was taken BEFORE he pulled it out- this is when we thought we'd still be able to fix the old one).

3. I got my hair done- finally. I've hesitated finding someone here. It's always a big switch when you are used to the same person. But I decided to try out a beauty school nearby. I was actually really impressed by their work and really really impressed by their prices! It was 1/3 of what highlights would have cost here and 1/2 of what I used to pay. Win win.

4. This week has been super busy with orders since I had some really cute dresses for sale up on my Facebook page! I got those shipped today and it feels great to have that done!

The great thing about grabbing 30 dresses from the store for others? I get to choose from the leftovers for Emberly! I kept 7 or so that I loved and some I even doubled in a different size. They are perfect for monogramming!

5. I painted Emberly's toes! Arent's they cute? #twinkletoes Luke goes "wow they're pretty but boys DON'T paint their toes!"

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