I'm honestly not even sure how we survived this week. If anything could have possibly happened- it did.

It's unusual to catch this sweet boy sleeping. He's always up before me. But I couldn't resist snapping this picture!
1. I mentioned last week that our dishwasher died. And the installers called a little while later to set up delivery- for 2 weeks away. She said "well I'm not sure how quickly you need it". I was like um REALLY?! We cancelled the installation and opted for  the free next day delivery. It saved us $125. I'll have a post later about the numbers. We got a GREAT deal.

2. We had a plumbing issue with our Toccoa house. Thankfully Josh was able to fix it on his off day. And thankfully by his off day his back was feeling MUCH better- not back to normal but better. Each day is getting better. 

3. On his last "weekend" off day (we've already had our weekend- today is a Monday for me) we installed a ceiling fan in Luke's room. With it getting warmer it really was a must. We found a used one at an online yardsale for $10 and had to buy a few light kits for $5 to get it mounted. It was a headache, but I'm so glad it's up (and the $70-$80 savings was totally worth it). 

4. So I went to the dentist this week and found out that I've regrown 2 of my wisdom teeth (on the top). If you google this phenomenon dr. google will say this is impossible. It's not. I had 5 wisdom teeth removed when I was 17. I had 2 on the top right- one abnormally large and the other abnormally small). And all my x-rays were clear afterward. 1 is starting to peek through (I thought I felt it coming in- but knew "I was crazy"- yeah not so crazy afterall) and the other will most likely never come out. It's nearly embedded in my cheek bone. They don't want to touch them since they are only the size of baby teeth, but I can have the one that's peeking through removed whenever I want (if I want). I kind of just want it pulled to see if another will grow back ;) Josh always said I was "One in a million." :)
The hilarious part? There is a whole school of thought that believes you can regrow teeth by eating super healthy. I want to totally blow that theory since my mom diet consists of unhealthy amounts of cookies, diet coke, and table scraps. 

5. We bought a grill for the new house! Now when I say "we" I mean "me". Josh wasn't able to really lift a finger, so I picked it up, hauled it in the house to the deck, and set it up. It sure was nice having grilled food again! Can't wait for summer.

and a #6 just because we've had a crazy week: I thought sure Emmie swallowed a screw this past week. I left her in the hallway while I ran in her room to put something in her dresser. When I left her she was throwing clean laundry everywhere. When I came back she had gotten into a pile of screws that were left in the hallway (behind a baby gate) after disassembling Luke's light fixture. All this happened while Josh was in Toccoa fixing the pipe on his off day. She eats any and EVERYTHING that's in front of her, and when she looked up at me, I thought I saw her gumming something. I swiped her mouth and swore that I felt a screw in there. She pulled her head away and started fussing so I repositioned her and swiped her mouth again, and didn't feel anything. I even thought I saw a little blue screw in her mouth (which I guess COULD have fallen out when I repositioned her). Well I panicked because although it wasn't large or pointy (more like a small bolt) it was a weird shape. And I mean hello? What if it cause her issues in 2-3 days. I figured better safe than sorry so I ran her into our Children's Hospital urgent care center a few minutes away. They took 2 xrays of her chest and also her neck and THANKFULLY she was all clear. $50 and 3 hours later, we had alot of peace of mind (and a super long exhausting day).  Luke was playing outside with his friends when this all happened and I asked another mama if I could just leave him with her. The wait time at the urgent care was pushing an hour and when I got there it was 90 minutes. She agreed without even missing a beat and I am so thankful for their kindness! They have 2 little boys a little older than Luke and they all love playing together. She has NO IDEA the favor she did for us!!
Oh and she learned how to clap while we waited.
Oh yeah- and Easter was this week! We celebrated by waking up and doing a resurrection egg hunt. Basically there were 12 eggs that walked through the story of Easter. The 12th egg was empty signifying the empty tomb. It was great fun and Luke was thrilled. I warned him that there wasn't candy in the eggs just so he wasn't disappointed. When he opened the first egg it was a leaf (to talk about palm Sunday) and he was so excited to see a leaf. It was so cute. 
We ended the hunt by finding their baskets. 
I got a great family picture on our front steps but it's on my camera. And lazy bones here doesn't feel like connecting my camera right this second. :)

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