Dirt Cheap & Treasure Hunt

I always have to share when I find good deals. I've done 2 other posts about this store here and here. Unfortunately we don't have a Dirt Cheap or Treasure Hunt in Georgia, so anytime we head to Mississippi I get my fix.

Gulfport has both a Dirt Cheap and a Treasure Hunt. I'm not really sure what the difference is- they have the same tags and the same type of merchandise. I was more impressed by Dirt Cheap's clothes.

I'm just going to apologize ahead of time for the white balance in these pictures. They are reading dark and yellow on my screen. They are taken indoors in terrible light at night. Ce la vive. You get the idea.

I was really impressed by their selection of toddler girls Old Navy swimsuits for $1! You can't beat that price. I bought 3 (the 2 on the right are different sizes).
I went absolutely crazy in the shoe aisle. These tags were coded #129. When I looked at the sheet that decoded all the crazy codes, it meant these were 80% off. All shoes were priced at $8. Yep- each pair of shoes were $1.60. Crazy town.
Most were Circo brand (Target) and Cherokee (Kmart I think?).
Here were my boy finds (they had waaaay more girl than boy shoes):
We actually have the gray shoes on the right (that I bought at full price) in a smaller size. They go with everything.

Gift wrap for 20 cents? Check.
I found these earrings that I'll talk about in another post. I took them from clip on earrings to pierced earrings. For $2 I couldn't walk away. #yesI'm27yesthey'refromclaires
My 2 bigger purchases was a bedspread for Luke's big boy room. I always said that when I found a comforter that I loved I would get it- no questions asked. You can't go wrong with navy and white stripes!
A bonus? It's still sold at stores: check it out here. And I can buy the shams separately! I spent $18 which is around a 40% savings!

And my splurge of the whole day? Melissa and Doug dollhouse furniture. It's been my dream to have a daughter who plays with a dollhouse. This will get us started! It was 50% off so I paid $15. I have a plan to make a dollhouse DIY style!

So there you have it! I am already saving for our trip in November so I can go back! haha. I literally find all our family and friends Christmas gifts there!

Of course we picked up alot more things, but they weren't really picture worthy. Pretty sure no one cares about the myKcup we found or some nail polish. I am still pinching myself after I saw the price of those shoes!

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